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10 Reasons to Live in Milton Keynes

Jun 16 2023

Are  you  ready  to  level  up  your  living  experience  with  The  Almere? 

Meet Milton Keynes – the new city with a gentleman’s name.

Once a town (up until 2022 when Milton Keynes was granted city status), it is now a hub – one that effortlessly blends the convenience of urban life with the serenity of abundant green spaces.

With our stunning apartments at The Almere, we aren’t just providing a roof over your head. We want you to prosper.

And for that to happen, we need to be your whole package.

Your safe space.

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We make it our business to improve your everyday life, from providing a buzzing community for you to thrive in to a sanctuary for you to live to your fullest potential.

So, we thought we’d go one step further. We want you to get to know us, but we want you to get to know your city too.

Looking to Live in Milton Keynes? 10 Reasons Why It’s a Popular Move

If you’re debating a move to the thriving MK, then you’re in good company. Thanks to its sprawling urban design, plentiful job opportunities, and vibrant community, this city is truly a hidden gem nestled in the heart of England.

In 2023, many young professionals are making the move to live in Milton Keynes. And it’s no surprise – this captivating city has a lot to offer those seeking a high-quality lifestyle.

Here’s what you can expect:

1) Charming food and drink spots in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes boasts an impressive selection of more than 350 restaurants, making it an ideal destination for food enthusiasts of all kinds…

Whether you’re seeking a culinary journey through diverse food cultures, elegant silver service, or just craving the warm embrace of some comforting pub food, Milton Keynes offers a myriad of options to satisfy every palate, and with The Almere, it’s all right on your doorstep.

If you’re a foodie seeking some inspo, why not check out our One-Stop Guide to the Best Restaurants in Milton Keynes? Let’s just say we had a good time with the research on that one…


2) Thrilling entertainment for keen hobbyists

Now here’s a place where boredom has no hold. For those that come to live in Milton Keynes, a welcome surprise is that the city is packed with activities to keep your calendars full.

Been thinking about taking up a new hobby, or trying something new? Okay, sorted.


For fans of skiing, snowboarding, or sledging, you don’t have to wait for winter or a holiday – Snozone offers a real snow adrenaline rush ideal for friends and family with one of the largest indoor real snow slopes in the UK.

It caters to all ages too, with different activities suiting different age groups. You don’t have to worry about your skill either as beginner lessons are available. Then, after working up an appetite on the slopes, you can mosey on over to The Alpine Kitchen for some rich winter warmers, like steaming hot schnitzel, goulash, bratwurst and croque monsieur.

So whether you’re a snowsports enthusiast or a keen beginner, strap on your helmet and get ready for a unique experience at Snozone.

Milton Keynes Museum

While Milton Keynes as a city is still quite new, the history of the location runs deep – the Milton Keynes Museum is an insightful heritage attraction packed with delightful exhibitions and fun activities, delivering a hands-on experience that guides you the history of Milton Keynes.

Expect fascinating storytelling sessions that’ll take you through MK’s ancient origins, thrilling demonstrations and exciting tours through the museum’s interactive galleries.

The museum also has a strong emphasis on education, with workshops tailored to help children develop skills in research and crafting. A lot of thought and attention to detail make the Milton Keynes Museum a welcoming attraction for all age groups.

Milton Keynes Theatre

Whether you are interested in dance, theatre, musicals, opera, comedy or children’s performances, Milton Keynes Theatre can provide just that with its wide variety of programmes.

The theatre has hosted many well-known artists over the years, from West End to touring productions. Some of the highly acclaimed shows that have graced the stage during its 30-year history include The Lion King, Les Miserables, and Oliver! – we’re excited for what’s next.

snozone, indoor skiing

3) Enjoy retail therapy in Milton Keynes

Two adjacent shopping centres dominate the centre of Milton Keynes:

– The Centre: MK
Midsummer Place

Both cater to all manner of brands with hundreds of stores, from high street staples, such as Zara, H&M, and TK Maxx, to independent retailers and street food eateries.

Milton Keynes’ excellent road systems allow easy access to both sites from all major road networks, including the A5 and M1.


4) Drive or cycle – In Milton Keynes, travel is made simple!

Normally when you think about inner city driving, it sounds like a stressful and stilted affair full of delays, making travel by bike or by foot faster and less hassle. But Milton Keynes is designed specifically to be easy to travel around, not just by car with its famous grid road system, but by foot and bike too thanks to the Redway system.

Heavily influenced by the urban designs seen in cities across America, the grid road design is special because roads run in-between districts instead of through them – buildings are not close to the roads, which allows speed limits to be higher.

These factors work towards making city travel in Milton Keynes a breeze.

What’s more, if you’re looking to ditch your car for the day for the train, residents of our neighbourhood community can enjoy the quickest of commutes from The Almere to Milton Keynes Central station – right around the corner, just 10 minutes away, with frequent connections to Northampton, Crewe, and London Euston.

5) Milton Keynes is home to plenty of employment opportunities

According to a source from the Office of National Statistics, 81.9% of the population of Milton Keynes is employed. Apart from large companies like Amazon, Mercedes Benz, and Unilever, which are all based in the area, there are also thousands of other businesses providing jobs at different skill and salary levels. The leisure industry and hospitality sector provide lots of employment too, from shopping centre retailers to cafes and entertainers.

Those seeking further career opportunities also have the option of commuting to nearby hub towns such as Cambridge, Bedford, London, Birmingham or Oxford – with plenty more job possibilities nearby, it’s another reason why young professionals are choosing The Almere as home.

hiring sign in window

6) Wonderful place to raise a family in Milton Keynes

Ofsted has judged 30 primary and secondary schools around Milton Keynes as ‘outstanding’ and a further 66 as ‘good’. There’s also a good selection of independent schools offering both day and boarding facilities for those seeking private education. Five nurseries in Milton Keynes have received an outstanding rating from Ofsted too, which are located centrally and in the neighbourhoods surrounding the city centre, so finding a convenient nursery shouldn’t be difficult.

What makes Milton Keynes an even more exciting prospect for families is the abundance of leisure activities available for all the family. Aside from Snozone, The MK Museum, and the theatre mentioned above, you’ll find bowling, indoor golf, cinemas, and an art gallery, along with a whole host of places to eat out, with over 200 restaurants rated at 4 stars and above on Tripadvisor. For adventure lovers, there are watersports, climbing walls, and high ropes to get stuck into.

As well as Xscape in the centre of Milton Keynes, there are plenty of places to go a bit further afield. Gullivers Land and Dinosaur Park are perfect for the little ones, while Bletchley Park is an interactive day out for lovers of history.

7) Commuting? Milton Keynes helps you get there!

Milton Keynes is in an ideal location for commuters who need to make a journey to either Birmingham or London. The city sits conveniently close to both of these metropolitan hubs, with the journey from Milton Keynes to the centre of Birmingham taking an hour and a half by car, and the same for London.

If you’re hoping to avoid traffic on the commute, Milton Keynes Central Railway Station provides direct train services, which will take you to the heart of Birmingham or London quickly.

At The Almere, we’re an easy 10-minute commute from the station, making travel a breeze. It’s not unusual for residents to choose to live in Milton Keynes to enjoy the more affordable cost of living whilst taking advantage of that easy commute to and from London for work.

8) Beautiful vistas to explore

Milton Keynes pairs its picturesque parklands, waterways, nature reserves, and historic sites with the metropolitan buzz of the city (and plenty of high-rise buildings to get a good view). Many may find this a refreshing contrast.

A scenic highlight is Willen Lake, an area filled with activities like kayaking and sailing, as well as Neil Higson’s curiously constructed Tree Cathedral.


9) A rich and engaging history

Bletchley Park sees thousands of visitors a year come to visit where Alan Turing and his team broke the Enigma Code during World War Two. Today, this site is open to the public, and regular tours are run to show people around this amazing place that holds so much history.

In addition to Bletchley Park, there are also a number of charming villages like Newport Pagnell and Stoney Stratford located within the wider area, that have retained much of their traditional British charm from centuries past as historic market towns.


10) Abundant green spaces

While towns and cities across the UK race to reintroduce green spaces with climate change a hot topic, Milton Keynes has it already: with over 22 million trees and shrubs, 200+ parks, and enchanting nature reserves, Milton Keynes is forever charming – perhaps you’ll soon find yourself taking time out of your day to have a picturesque stroll along the Grand Union Canal, or spend a weekend at a serene retreat at Willen Lake.

Embrace the duality! Spice up your day with the excitement of urban adventure and immerse yourself in Mother Nature’s green bosom.


Your  Call  to  Live  in  Milton  Keynes  Is  Just  One  Apartment  Tour  Away 

With The Almere and Milton Keynes, don’t just discover the extraordinary…

Live the extraordinary.

A host of amenities are available to enhance our residents’ comfort and convenience with our 1, 2 and 3-bedroom pet-friendly apartments, including:

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