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Your One-Stop Guide to the Best Restaurants in Milton Keynes

May 5 2023

So,  you’ve  made  the  big  move  to  Milton  Keynes… 

… but now the ‘hanger’ has set in, and you’re wondering where the best restaurants in Milton Keynes can be found.

When living at The Almere, it’s good news – thanks to its central location, you will truly be spoilt for choice! To make life even easier, we’ve compiled a food guide of our favourite restaurants in Milton Keynes that you should definitely pay a visit to!

Let’s dive in.

Fine Dining at Alpha at Oscars

An advantage of living at The Almere is that you will never be too far from things to do or places to eat in Milton Keynes.

In particular, The Almere’s Neighbourhood Hero initiative sees The Almere supporting local businesses in a range of industries and gives residents exclusive deals and discounts for independent eateries and shops – including some of the best restaurants in Milton Keynes.

And, one of these Neighbourhood Heroes is Alpha at Oscars…

For Private Members Only…

For the ultimate fine dining experience, you’ll want to head to Alpha at Oscars – the city’s first private members restaurant and club. To gain access to this exclusive restaurant, you’ll need a La Dolce Vita clubcard that will provide you with everything from entry to discounts, to events, and more.

Alpha at Oscars operates on a business attire dress code on weekdays and a smart casual one on weekends, so if you plan on booking a table at this prestigious restaurant, you should prepare the appropriate clothing.

In terms of Alpha at Oscars’ menu, this restaurant overcomes the boundaries for food excellence, with an impressive lineup of delicious dishes including a beef ravioli – and for those with a refined taste, lobster thermidor! However, the latter should be pre-ordered in advance.

For residents of The Almere’s 1, 2, or 3-bed apartments, Alpha at Oscars is only a short distance from the apartment building!

Turkish Delights at DeRoka

It goes without saying that there are a range of activities to do in Milton Keynes for just about everybody. There is no shortage of independent restaurants, be it an Italian, Spanish and especially Turkish..

For some of the finest Turkish cuisine, we recommend another one of our Neighbourhood Heroes, DeRoka – a Turkish and Mediterranean restaurant and cocktail lounge. You’ll be awed by the interior of this lavish restaurant, as well as its food, as one of the best restaurants in Milton Keynes.

Exceptional Food by Exceptional People

DeRoka is a family-owned business. They pride themselves on their amazing customer service, meaning that every time you visit this restaurant and cocktail lounge, you’ll be well looked after.

They specialise in grilled dishes, where the majority of their hot food on the main menu is marinated and cooked over charcoal, giving it a unique, smoky taste and texture that’ll be sure to whet your appetite.

For those with specific dietary requirements or food intolerances, DeRoka’s menu is clearly outlined. They also have a non-gluten menu that highlights which dishes are gluten-free, which ones are vegan or vegetarian, and which ones contain nuts.

As a cocktail lounge, you don’t want to miss out on their collection of cocktails and wine, making DeRoka the perfect place for a cocktail night. Until 3pm (Sunday to Friday) and 2pm on Saturday, DeRoka also hosts bottomless brunch.

The Almere’s residents will have a mere 5-minute walk from the apartment to DeRoka, making this Turkish and Mediterranean restaurant a go-to whenever you’re craving a hearty meal or a sweet cocktail!

Taste of India at Maaya

It is without a doubt that becoming a resident at The Almere certainly has its perks, with a range of facilities and amenities available to improve your standard of living. Whilst it’s enjoyable to go out for a meal now and then, you should also make sure that you’re taking care of yourself and eating healthy whenever you can.

But, if you’re in the mood for a takeaway or meal out, who’re we to stop you?

If you do decide on a takeaway or going to a restaurant, you should visit Maaya, an Indian kitchen and bar, which also happens to be a Neighbourhood Hero.

An Exquisite Culinary Experience

Whether you’re taking away or dining in, Maaya offers a spectacular menu with an array of food including traditional Indian dishes, as well as special dishes curated by Maaya’s award-winning head chef.

Maaya also accommodates bottomless brunch and afternoon tea, and if you’re interested in some BBQ grilling, you can order marinated BBQ meats from Maaya to cook at home! We suggest booking in advance for any of these offers, and if you plan on dining in, avoid attempting to walk-in during busy times and also book your table beforehand.

If Indian food is what you want, Maaya is reachable on foot from The Almere – only a 10 minute walk!

Maaya Restaurant

Eastern Promises at Kobe Steakhouse

The Almere is the ideal place to bring a furry, finned, or feathered friend with you as our apartments are pet-friendly and can usually house one pet per apartment. Although we love spending time with our animal companions, sometimes we just need an evening to relax and eat something delicious.

This is where Kobe Steakhouse comes in – a luxurious restaurant that specialises in Kobe and Wagyu beef, considered to be one of the best restaurants in Milton Keynes.

Japanese Delicacies

Kobe Steakhouse is the only restaurant outside of London that is certified to sell Kobe and Wagyu beef in the UK. Whether it’s for a special occasion or for a casual meal, Kobe Steakhouse offers authentic Japanese Kobe and Wagyu beef, which are renowned for their marbled texture and succulent flavours.

At Kobe Steakhouse, your experience of food will be like no other, with prime steak and juicy cocktails that’ll appeal to everyone’s taste buds. Culinary excellence is at the forefront of Kobe Steakhouse with dishes made from fresh and high-quality ingredients.

Steak is their specialty, and prices are varied according to weight, but Kobe Steakhouse also has a wide selection of other main dishes such as a Wagyu burger if you’d prefer something else.

Premium steak is only a 15-minute walk away from The Almere, or a 5-minute car trip!

Casual Bites and Caffeine Boosts

For young professionals and parents with children, sometimes a caffeine run is what you need when it comes to building energy for the day ahead. Luckily, there are a few heroes without capes that provide exactly this.

For coffee lovers and sweet bites, you’ll want to head over to Bogota Coffee Co and The Green Cocoa Lab on Rillaton Walk.

Elevating Energy

What’s a better start to your day than a taste of Colombian specialty coffee at Bogota Coffee Co? As Milton Keynes’ first independent specialty coffee shop, you can expect quality coffee at great prices. Trust us when we say that coffee from Bogota Coffee Co is not your ordinary, commercial coffee – it’s even better.

Meanwhile, for an energy boost fuelled by sugar, The Green Cocoa Lab is where you need to go. If you have a sweet tooth and you’re wondering how to start your day, we suggest that you think of their menu as a breakfast menu (because sweet things can be breakfast too…). Their menu includes waffles, croissants, and sandwiches. Don’t forget their specialty desserts!

The Green Cocoa Lab is also known for ethically-sourced, specialty coffees, so you don’t want to miss out on this sustainable, zero food waste restaurant!

Both Bogota Coffee Co and The Green Cocoa Lab are just around the corner from The Almere, a 10-minute walk or 5-minute drive!

Explore  the  Best  Restaurants  in  Milton  Keynes  from  The  Almere 

There you have it, those are the best restaurants in Milton Keynes – and as you can see, there is an abundance of different restaurants to choose from! Once you’ve had your fill, make sure to head back to your apartment in Milton Keynes’ newest neighbourhood, The Almere.

The Almere is situated at the heart of Milton Keynes, offering luxurious and contemporary apartments of 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms. Affordability meets comfort and opulence at The Almere, with a vast assortment of benefits that comes with being a resident such as:

– Co-working spaces
– Rooftop dining spaces
– Communal and social areas
– Resident events and wellness classes

Build-to-rent developments such as The Almere are becoming extremely popular with young professionals due to their affordability – research shows that ⅓ of residents in such schemes earn the average national salary, with more than 40% of residents aged 24 to 35. There’s no wonder, then, that The Almere has a bustling, vibrant neighbourhood of its own.

With 294 rental apartments in tow across two buildings, The Almere is Milton Keynes’ buzzing new community that offers incredible benefits for both its residents and the public. In fact, the ground floor, otherwise known as the ‘Gathering Place’ is open for the local public and The Almere’s residents alike.

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